Wealthy-Minded People Focus on Solutions

This is an excerpt from my new book, The 4 Minute Millionaire*. If you enjoy it, you can buy a copy on Amazon for $4. Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

A woman named Carol once struggled with the basics of life. She had so little money, each next meal was a challenge. One day, Carol discovered a book that spoke to her. She put her last dollars and hope into that book. When she opened it, she found the sentence that changed her life:

“The hero focuses on solutions.”

This line – this single line of five inspiring words – gave her courage.

Carol made a commitment to focusing on solutions. Instead of blaming the economy, the government, or fate for her problems, she started taking control. Carol did what she could. Little by little, she grew her capabilities and thus her confidence.

Slowly, things started turning around. Carol got a job. She made enough money to buy food. Whatever she had left over, she saved. Today, Carol has her own house and a car. She runs her own business. She’s proud of what she’s achieved, and she looks about 20 years younger.

The book Carol picked up on that fateful day was called Millionaire Success Habits, written by Dean Graziosi. It helped Carol put her inner hero in charge. You too have an inner hero – you just need to wake them up.

Like Carol, you can follow what Graziosi codified as “The 4 Cs of Confidence:”
1. Courage
2. Commitment
3. Capabilities
4. Confidence

The 4 Cs of Confidence are a ladder. Each rung precedes the next – until they all add up.

First, find something that gives you courage. It could be a line from a book, an inspiring video, or a conversation with a friend. Whatever gives you faith that your efforts, even if they scare you, will bring results.

Second, commit. Think back to your achievements. Where was the commitment? Chances are, no matter how small the accomplishment, it was always there.

Third, acquire new capabilities. You’re doing it right now: Learning.

Always engage with new ideas. Keep taking courses, reading books like this one, and practicing new skills.

Fourth, confidence will be your reward. Confidence is how you let your inner hero take charge, and once it runs the show, your life will continue changing for the better.

If we asked Carol where to begin, I’m sure she’d simply repeat the line that changed her life: “The hero focuses on solutions.”

Action Item: What’s a money problem that’s been bothering you too long already? Can you think of a solution?

While I hope this book will provide you with plenty of inspiration to be courageous, few habits foster a result-driven mindset more than regularly brainstorming solutions to real-world problems.

What’s a money issue you feel has been on your plate for too long? Are you looking for a better way to save for vacations? Have you failed in establishing an emergency fund? Do you feel inept at keeping an overview of your finances?

Select one problem that’s been weighing on your shoulders for a while, and think about potential solutions. How much time will you dedicate towards fixing this problem each week? Can you commit to one of your ideas?

You can’t solve all your money problems in a day, but fixing even just one is a great start.

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