Mission: What, How and Why

The Investing Circle is the personal finance site that makes cents. It’s a financial community and media group designed to improve financial literacy and increase your income through interactive content. Investing and making the right financial decisions for you can be tough, as evidenced by rising income inequality and the growing financial knowledge gap. By communicating transparent ways to make your money work for you and making this accessible to everyone, The Investing Circle aims to have a direct impact on decreasing the income disparity and improving our world’s financial literacy.

Why The Investing Circle is step 1!

I consumed as much information as I could find, spoke to people who were in the position I wanted to be in, and started creating additional income sources outside of my W2. I began investing in the stock market, maxing out my 401K and IRAs, and purchasing rental properties. I hit net worth goals and income goals long before I thought I would – all before 30 years old. 

At the same time, income inequality was growing. While personal finance was beginning to get more attention, information was still hard to come by and not exactly relevant to everyone. For a long time, I wanted to change that – it just took a little while for me to build my own story before tackling this larger issue.

I want others to have access to the right information to improve their financial literacy and make sure it’s relevant to their personal financial journey. I want others to find ways to increase their income (not just W2) so that we can decrease this income disparity. 

The best way to tackle these issues is to create more communication, accessibility, and transparency around the financial decisions everyone has to make daily. At the same time, creating a community of diverse individuals with different paths leading to the same destination – financial freedom!


Founder Story - J-Broke

Through high school and college, in my immediate circle some friends joked around with the funny (but true) nickname of J-Broke. I had no money, some debt, and very little knowledge of how to fix both of those issues. That quickly changed as I found myself in medical sales immediately after graduating. By being in the right place at the right time and with some serious hard work, and sacrifice – I began to accrue extra income above my normal living costs and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So as I began to talk to financial advisors and read books (Rich Dad Poor Dad was the eye opener for me), I soon found out about this well-known idea of Financial Independence and the freedom it brings. I was sold.