Something always starts at nothing

That includes revenue

The Investing Circle was created to make cents of personal finance… Get it? Make CENTS?! What that actually means is that was created to become a source of transparent and relevant personal finance information written by the community. The ‘cents’ part was ‘coined’ off of the unique revenue share an author receives indefinitely for posting on the site. So the site was designed to make sense and cents!

2023 was the first full year live and author payments didn’t effectively go live until July 2023. On top of that, traffic was just getting going! Either way we had a strong end to 2024 with our first profitable month, $16 paid out to authors, and 11 authors signed up. We’ve also got a strong game plan to provide new resources to the community and continue to build our brand SEO!

Plant the seed and let it grow

One of the most exciting things to watch is not just company revenue, but the revenue pay out to some authors. One author that wrote an article on budgeting earned $0.52 the first month live. After that almost $5 a month which will continue as long as the article is live. What could you do with an extra $5 a month? Maybe a coffee? What if you wrote something that drove additional traffic and was an evergreen article (something that stays true even as time passes)? You could be looking at $20, $40, or $100 a month. Does that change things? I hope so because that’s the plan.

How to make the most of writing on the site

After you’ve signed up to be an author on the site (check out the image above) go ahead and update your bio. Share with people what you’re all about and why they should read your content. The best part is that some authors will be certified financial planners (CFPs – we’ve got a few), some will be Founders of tech companies, and others will be single teachers who have created an effective budgeting system the average person can actually use. All 3 types of authors are helpful in their own right and they’ll all receive an equal chance at earning revenue.

Here are some pointers on getting started…

1) Just get to writing – This is something that is good advice for a lot of other activities. Take the leap. Get started. Just start writing. You have a story to share that tie to investing (even investing in yourself), savings, budgeting, and every day life regarding personal finance. You most likely have an experience someone else could learn from. All you have to do is start typing!

2) Find time to share your story – You have to find the time before you can start. So maybe this should have been #1. Ideally find a nice 30 minute block when it’s quiet and you won’t be distracted. Maybe a cup of coffee to really get the juices flowing. Whatever you do to study or get some work done is probably what you you should replicate to write your first story.

3) Find inspiration in the world around you A lot of your personal finance is inspired by the world around you, but you might not have thought of it that way. Bills you have to pay affect how you budget which could be a unique way of tracking expenses – it all started with paying bills and just living. Sometimes you also need to fact check a few things (because we don’t know everything). That’s alright. Do some Googling and find some credible sources to tie back to your article. This can also help your SEO on the article and add a little more credibility to your article.

4) Share on your socials – Share your writing and story! Your friends and family could potentially connect with your story that you might not have shared before. Share to your social media profiles to start building a following and collect some high quality views of your post!

Remember the hardest part is really just starting! We’ve all got a story to share!

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