How to get paid sharing your Personal Finance Story!

Everyone has a story to tell

We all do not have the same 24 hours contrary to popular belief (popular belief meaning the story we’re fed by motivational influencers to get you stoked on working harder). We all start as kids with a different 24 hours and so naturally that evolves to also be a different 24 hours by adults. Some are born into poverty and have to immediately work to support their family. Some are born into a middle class family and had to work a bit in college (me). Some don’t go to college. Some have crippling debt. Some have funding from their parents to start a business.

You could go on forever (no joke) writing out the different possibilities and that is the silver lining here. Everyone has a story to share about their personal finance journey ranging from budgeting, investing, opening their first bank account, earning interest while working two jobs. The raw stories from those in all types of socioeconomic classes that share the transparent wins and losses everyone can learn from. That’s why I created The Investing Circle as a platform and have opened it up to everyone who has a story to share.

Tackling the income and wealth disparity 

Both of those are big issues and very closely tied together. Wealth comes from additional income (yeah your assets growing too, but how do you get those?) and putting it to use. It’s a scary thing to try and tackle because there are so many suggestions and ideas people pass around so us small people gotta start somewhere by breaking down the problem and trying to create a solution.

While the income gap and wealth disparity can be tied to a lot of different variables, they seem to circle around both financial literacy and income opportunity.

Financial literacy: The ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing

Income Opportunity: Theres not really a definition for this one so we’re going to sandwich the two together. Income is the amount of monetary or other returns accruing over a certain period. Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Put it together and you’ve got a set of circumstances that makes it possible to create income. 

Remember not everyone has the same 24 hours? So just because you might be able to find the time and earn the experience to call yourself financially literate you might not have the opportunity to earn significant income in that same 24 hours. The same can be said that you might have the opportunity to earn more income, but your financial literacy is a bit lower meaning you could stumble into income or you could lose more money than gain.

Create a source of income by sharing your story

The Investing Circle offers a platform where anyone can share their transparent personal finance stories with the world and earn income on the articles as long as the article is online. By offering an indefinite revenue share for authors, the articles create a passive income source that takes very little time over the long haul. This in theory would create additional income opportunity while taking little time out of the already limited 24 hours for people.

It also creates a large resource of personal finance stories, learning experiences, real tips, and advice from everyday people. In theory this creates relatable, transparent, financial pieces that can increase someones financial literacy. Do those still need to be checked by an advisor or CPA – sure but at least it kick starts the process.

How can you get started?

Simple. Go sign up. Go straight to the home page and submit your information to become an author. Then go write! Your articles and bio will live on this platform for as long as it’s around earning you revenue and spreading your story.

You might not think you have a story to share but if you’ve made it this far you’ve probably made some type of financial decision you learned from whether that’s a win or a loss (hoping it’s the former for you). Either way it’s something you can share so others make a similar decision or avoid a mistake.

If you think you know someone that has a few good stories then send them this and get them to sign up.

I would absolutely love to see this platform paying out thousands of dollars to authors every month and creating a community where people feel they can be transparent about their personal finance life. Remember we all have a different 24 hours and this is a large problem to tackle as just one person. Let’s do it together. Let’s do it as an Investing Circle!

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