Best Side Hustles to Make $300 a Month in 2022

Having multiple income streams is the key to supercharging your savings, and getting to your financial goals.  Fortunately for everyone, there are countless ways that you can make money on the side.  However, not every side hustle you hear about is going to be worth your time.  

For instance, many people think of “dropshipping” when they think about side hustles, however, dropshipping is incredibly difficult, and most people lose money doing it.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 side hustles that have a high probability of making you $300 per month or more!  In fact, you can turn some of these side hustles into full-time careers!


Rent Out Your Car

If you’ve joined the work-from-home movement and rarely drive your car anymore, then renting it out might be a great option for you.  Sites like Turo, Getaround, and HyreCar make it easy for car owners to rent their car out and make some side income. 

Depending on your car and area, you can earn upwards of $1,000 per month, just by letting other people drive your car!

Start a Business as a Freelancer

Starting a business as a freelancer is quite possibly one of the best ways to make a side income.  Not only does it have the potential to make you $300/month, but if you’re diligent about your work, you can turn it into a full-time income.  Sites like Upwork, and Fiverr make it easy for those with in-demand skills to connect with clients and start earning an income.  When it comes to the work you can do as a freelancer, the options are endless!  You can do anything from video editing to podcast producing, to blog post writing.  

To get started, all you have to do is sign up for one of the aforementioned platforms and create a profile.  On Fiverr, all you have to do is create a “gig” page – from there, prospective clients can reach out to you and buy your services.  Upwork works more like traditional job posting sites, where you put together a profile and apply for jobs that fit your skills.

Become a Content Creator

This one may seem cliche, but becoming a content creator is easier than ever now.  TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts make it easy for the everyday person to get discovered and garner a following.  Additionally, TikTok’s creator portal makes generating viral content easier, and can help users attain brand deals that pay big!

If you don’t want to make videos, you could always start a blog too!  While there isn’t as much of a chance for your blog to take off overnight, like a TikTok page, they are a great way to build a monetizable following over the long run.  All you have to do is create SEO-friendly content that provides value and insight to your readers.

Find Products to Resell Online

Amazon and eBay are huge marketplaces where everyday people can list things for sale.  One way that people use these sites is by purchasing things in person at thrift or discount stores and reselling them for a profit.  This is called retail arbitrage, and countless people across the country do this to earn a side income.  Some even do it as a full-time job!

Many folks starting off selling on Amazon and eBay will find used books at thrift stores, garage sales, and other marketplaces where you can buy used goods.  This is because books are relatively cheap to buy and ship, and can come with some great profit margins.  However, you don’t have to start off selling books – there are practically endless items you can resell!

Sell Custom Items on Etsy

If you have a knack for arts and crafts, then opening up an Etsy shop could be a great way to earn some side income while doing the things that you love.  Etsy makes selling practically anything handmade a breeze.  From spreadsheet templates to furniture, if you made it, there’s a good chance that you can sell it on Etsy!  The best part about selling on Etsy is that if your store gains enough traction, you can make it a full-time career.

Getting started on Etsy only takes a couple of hours once you have a product you would like to sell.  All you need to do is upload some pictures of your item, add a title and description, and some specifics (size, weight, etc.), and your product will be available to the world for purchase!

Become a Rideshare/Delivery Driver

There are countless rideshare and delivery driver apps out there that we all know and love.  If you’ve got a car and some spare time, why not drive for one of these apps?  It can be a great way to put some extra money in your pocket at the end of the month.  And the best part is that you don’t have a set schedule, you can drive at your leisure!

Becoming a driver for a rideshare/delivery app is as easy as signing up for any other app.  You just have to provide some pertinent personal information, and details with regard to your car, and you can begin earning money by driving fairly quickly.  If you don’t have a car, in some cities, there are rental agencies that rent cars specifically to rideshare drivers too!

Sell Covered Calls or Puts on Stocks

If you have a stock portfolio, selling covered calls or puts (different types of options) can be a great way to generate some additional income.  In order to sell covered calls or puts, you first need to make sure your brokerage supports these types of moves because not all brokerages do.  After you’ve confirmed that you can write covered calls/puts, you can begin writing (selling) options contracts.  

Covered calls or puts are agreements to buy or sell a predetermined amount of stock at a predetermined price and date.  Selling these types of options contracts can be a great way to generate some extra cash with little to no work on your end.  If you do go this route, be careful!  Never sell a covered call/put on a stock you’re not willing to buy or sell!

Become a Dog Walker

Apps like Rover and Wag! have made it easier than ever to start a dog walking business.  These apps allow dog walkers to connect with folks who need someone to walk their dogs.  This means you don’t have to go door to door and offer dog walking or pet sitting services anymore.  It can all be done on one convenient app!

Take Surveys or Test Websites

Another great way to earn a side income is by taking paid surveys and testing websites.  With paid surveys, all you have to do is answer some questions, and get paid based on your thoughts/opinions.  The process is very similar when it comes to testing websites.  Sites like make it easy to sign up and provide feedback on a company’s website design.

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