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From elevating how you make money to gaining control of how you spend it, Shawna Martin is just the expert with empathy you need. She's led global leadership teams, guided executives on transformative career journeys, and even mentored young adults looking to start on a solid financial footing. Her insights have been featured on a variety of podcasts and recently on CNET Money. Shawna's career kicked off over two decades ago in the world of technology, where she managed multi-national teams and budgets exceeding $200 million. Her knack for nurturing talent—and fiercely fostering innovation—naturally evolved into the private coaching practice she is so passionate about today. As the founder of Seedling Coach, she offers a unique blend of corporate wisdom and compassionate coaching that helps her clients navigate the complexities of the modern workplace to achieve and sustain their professional goals. Her financial savvy as a Certified Personal Finance Counselor (CPFC) enables her clients to leverage their professional success to attain personal financial well-being. Her holistic approach is rooted in authenticity and emotional intelligence, creating a safe space for her clients to explore new ideas of what's possible in their work and their wealth.